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How to Change Default Download Folder in Microsoft Edge

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These are the instructions to Change Default Download Folder on Microsoft Edge Browser (this method can be used on Windows and Mac computers).

Note: By Default Microsoft Edge saves the files you Download to the Computers Download Folder, which is usually Set to C:\Users\username\Downloads.

Change Default Download Folder in Microsoft Edge Browser

  1. Open Microsoft Edge Browser on your Computer (assuming Microsoft Edge is already installed; if not you can Download Microsoft Edge and install it).
  2. Edge Shortcut

  3. Click on the Menu Button:
  4. edge menu

  5. Now, Click on the Settings:
  6. edge settings

  7. On the Settings page, Click on the Downloads Option.
  8. edge settings downloads

  9. Under Downloads, Click on the Change button.
  10. edge download location

  11. Now, Change the location as per your Choice (for which you have to Select a Folder and Click on Select Folder Button to Confirm).
  12. Once you have successfully Selected the Folder, you can see the New Location under Downloads:
  13. edge download new location

Congratulations! Now, all your Downloads will be Saved to the New Location you have Selected.


[*] Microsoft Edge Guide: If you are looking for How-to Guides on Microsoft Edge then, Check out the Microsoft Edge Guides Page.

[*] Credits: Microsoft Edge Browser is developed and provided by Microsoft, Inc. So, full credit goes to Microsoft for developing the Browser.

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